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Another 340MW nuclear power added in energy mix

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Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, PM inaugurated the 5th nuclear power plant, C-4, at Chashma holding capacity to generate 340 megawatts of electricity. PM Abbasi express gratitude to China for technical and financial assistance to Pakistan and establishing the C-4 power plant, and two countries will collaborate in the energy sector among others as well while addressing […]…Read More


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article image Orange berries, long silver-gray leaves, dense, stiff and thorny branches and with beautiful appearance, the magical plant, sea buckthorn is famous not only for its nutritious berries, it is multi-purpose plant used for medicinal, ornamental and environmentally friendly plant and has been used around the world for water and soil conservation, land rehabilitation and reclamation, […]…Read More

Deficiency of Essential Nutrients in Plant Growth

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article image A substance that give nourishment compulsory for the continuation of life and for growth are known as nutrients. Plants require the correct blend of supplements to live, develop and replicate. At the point when plants endure from ailing health, they indicate manifestations of being unfortunate. Too little or a lot of anyone supplement can bring […]…Read More

Silicon augmented resistance against plant stresses

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Different environmental factors such as light, temperature, water, humidity and nutrients work in an integrated fashion for better plant growth. However still certain types of pathogens and insects/pests remains a challenge and a major biological constraints of normal plant growth and development. Hence in order to get maximum benefit in terms of yield and growth […]…Read More

Establishment of controversial coal plant at Rahimyar

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Although the government has paid a lot to power producers ignoring the warnings for surplus power generation they have decided to set up a Rahimyar Khan coal power plant that can generate 1,320 megawatts, according to officials. Power Ministry officials informed on anonymity condition that this establishment is merely for business tycoon as it was […]…Read More


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People from ancient times are practicing seed collection and storage. This collection and storage was limited and some specified seeds were stored and collected which were used for further propagation.  So the seeds like maize and wheat have got the privilege of storage from early times. Other wild plants were having one germplasm and that […]…Read More

China financed $115 million in wind power plant Pakistan

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China supporting Pakistan to build a wind power plant at Southern port Karachi. HydroChina Investment Corporation has invested $115 million in the plant. Another plant that is Dawood wind power plant can generate about 130 million kw/h electricity in a year fulfilling the needs of approximately 100,000 families in locality situated at 60 kilometers east […]…Read More

Chashma 4 nuclear power plant in action with grid

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The National Grid is linked to Chashma 4 nuclear power plant of Pakistan. The fifth power reactor for which Chinese-supplied pressurized water reactor (PWR) is expected to be operational soon To mark the connection to grid a ceremony was held by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). Attendees were representatives from CNNC and the Pakistan Atomic […]…Read More

Inauguration of second coal power plant Sahiwal

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China, Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is best performing project One Bet One Road (OBOR) initiative of Chinese President Xi Jinping. CPEC’s nineteen early harvest projects worth $18.5 billion were made smooth progress towards completion, said Deputy Chief of Mission at Chinese Embassy Zhao Lijian while speaking at a conference on ‘Belt and Road Initiative and CPEC’. Mr. Lijian […]…Read More