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Impacts of the Pesticides Used in the Agriculture Sector on the Pollinators

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article image THE POLLINATION is a pivotal process in almost all productive ecosystems but pollination has been generally overlooked until very recently. The vital roles of pollinators are no less important in remote wilderness of the Arctic and deserts than in highly managed farming system. There are roughly 200,000 varieties of animal pollinators in the wild, most of which are insects. Entomophily, pollination by insects, often occurs on plants that have developed colored petals and a strong scent to…Read More

Pollinators decline; a threat to world food supply

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article image Pollination is a natural ecological process that benefits mankind and is mainly done by insect population. Insects pollinate crops, assist the process of food production and significantly increase the yield of certain crops. Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the male parts of a flower to the female parts of a flower of the same species, which results in fertilization of plant ovaries and the production of seeds. Pollinators visit flowers in their…Read More