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Role of Sindh Irrigation department in the development of Thar Coal Power Project

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article image Thar Coal Energy Project is underway and holds a crucial position in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). As a matter of fact, when the country starves for the energy it needs to run the economy, Thar Coal is the most feasible and viable source to power generation. It can go a long way to meet the […]…Read More

Coal-fired power plants: growing source of mercury emission in Pakistan

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MERCURY IS attractively beautiful, but a toxic heavy metal that triggers brain damage; effects immune and reproductive system; exclusively harmful to developing fetuses; and cause heart problems. Less than one gram or 1/70th of one teaspoon of mercury deposited on a 25-acre lake can make the fish hazardous to eat. Sources of mercury are quite […]…Read More

China financed $115 million in wind power plant Pakistan

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China supporting Pakistan to build a wind power plant at Southern port Karachi. HydroChina Investment Corporation has invested $115 million in the plant. Another plant that is Dawood wind power plant can generate about 130 million kw/h electricity in a year fulfilling the needs of approximately 100,000 families in locality situated at 60 kilometers east […]…Read More

Coal mine survey to assess supply sufficiency for Punjab power plants

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Validation survey of coal mining to assess and evaluate resources of Trans-Indus Range by the third party to estimate the supply sufficiency for the planned coal-based power plants for next thirty years. Directorate General Mines and Minerals has also engaged a German Consultant (SST-Fugro) consortium for third party validation of the coal mining survey data […]…Read More

Chashma 4 nuclear power plant in action with grid

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The National Grid is linked to Chashma 4 nuclear power plant of Pakistan. The fifth power reactor for which Chinese-supplied pressurized water reactor (PWR) is expected to be operational soon To mark the connection to grid a ceremony was held by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). Attendees were representatives from CNNC and the Pakistan Atomic […]…Read More

Inauguration of second coal power plant Sahiwal

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China, Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is best performing project One Bet One Road (OBOR) initiative of Chinese President Xi Jinping. CPEC’s nineteen early harvest projects worth $18.5 billion were made smooth progress towards completion, said Deputy Chief of Mission at Chinese Embassy Zhao Lijian while speaking at a conference on ‘Belt and Road Initiative and CPEC’. Mr. Lijian […]…Read More

Hazards of Coal Power

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Global community vowed via the Paris Accord to keep global temperature rise below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrialization levels while recognizing the danger of climate change including Pakistan. The adaptive measures taken in this regard include a mitigation and adaptation measures to shift away from fossil fuels based energy mixes and towards the use of […]…Read More