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Masters of free form, high precision, abrasive waterjet cutting in space.

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Machines for shaping 3D components in different work planes As a result of material development, new and High-Tech Industries has a changing need for processing advanced 3D geometry parts. Hardened metals, special alloys and combined materials like composites are setting new requirements on material processing technology. The waterjet cutting process is often preferred for high-tech […]…Read More

Precision Agriculture – a new approach to crop management

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article image BY 2050, it is expected that the world’s population will reach 9.2 billion people, 34 percent higher than today. Much of this growth will happen in developing countries. To keep up with rising populations and income growth, global food production must increase by 70 percent in order to be able to feed the world. Even the intensively managed cropping systems are becoming unsustainable with respect to increasing profitability. It has become imperative that the next phase of the Green…Read More

Remote Sensing, Agri Drones: Powerful tools for Precision Agriculture

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article image PRECISION FARMING is one of the top revolutions in the field of agriculture. It is also called Satellite farming’ or Site Specific Crop Management’ that deals with making the smart decisions on the basis of predictive analysis about farm management practices i.e. inputs, planting and harvesting schedule, soil and weather conditions and intricate cost related aspects. The concept of precision agriculture was first evolved in USA in 1980s which was later on adopted by other countries…Read More

Nanotheranostics can greatly increase the quality of precision medicine: Dr. Soomro

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: The scientist, doctors, and medical staff stressed on the need for understanding by medical specialists, engineers and technical staff in hospitals and clinics dealing Oncology to work with compassion for the treatment of oncology, utilizing the state of the art technology. The speakers of the symposium on Nanotheranostics "A new Era of Nanotechnology", organized by Nuclear Medicine, Oncology and Radiotherapy Institute (NORI), said that Nanotheranostics, its…Read More

Precision agriculture, its process and vitality

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Precision Agriculture is a farming management concept which is based on measuring, observing and responding to intra and inter-field variation in the crops. (Blackmore et al., 2003) define precision agriculture as the management of spatial and temporal variability at a sub-field level to improve economic returns and reduce environmental impact. It is also referred as Satellite Farming/SSCM (Site Specific Crop Management). Precision Agriculture was firstly introduced in United States in 1980s…Read More

Precision Agriculture: Innovative management practices

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article image <emranazeem1826@gmail.com>THE PRECISION Agriculture (PA) or site specific farming is basically a low-input, high-efficiency, sustainable agriculture system that mainly benefits from the emergence and convergence of several technologies, involving the use of GPS and remote sensing for data collection, GIS for data processing and analysis and variable rate technology for implementing ideal models. These techniques have numerous applications ranging from row crops to dairy industry…Read More