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Mou signed for multi-disciplinary research promoting nature conservation

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The memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between World Wide Fund for Nature– Pakistan (WWF-Pakistan) and Information Technology University (ITU) to create and keep an effective working relationship to further their common aims of multi-disciplinary research promoting nature conservation in Pakistan. ITU Vice Chancellor Dr. Umar Saif and WWF-Pakistan Director General Hammad Naqi Khan signed […]…Read More

Promoting innovations culture

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It is beyond any doubt or argument that innovation and research have emerged as the driving force for economic development. The current progress in the developed nations is the glaring manifestation of this argument. As far as the case of Pakistan is concerned, vigorous efforts though are being made to introduce innovation economy, yet the international indicators are not satisfactory. In fact, the country is yet to see the dawn of culture of innovations. Most recently, the Global Innovation…Read More

TDF upfront in promoting environmental conservation awareness

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STAFF REPORT KHI: The Dawood Foundation (TDF) and the Government of Sindh’s Education and Literacy Department reported a community undertaking to instruct understudies on natural conservation. Students from 80 schools from Karachi will be demonstrated TDF-supported documentaries about the shocking regular legacy of Pakistan’s national parks, Margalla Hills and Chitral, and the protection issues identified with them. Sabrina Dawood, CEO, TDF, said, "Pakistan is at grave danger…Read More

Dr. Salam paid tributes for promoting research culutre

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Speakers have paid glowing tributes to Nobel Laureate Prof Dr Abdul Salam while celebrating his 89th birth anniversary at the AIOU. While narrating the achievements of the great scientist, they urged the youth to follow his footprints, earning good name for the country and themselves. In his remarks, Vice-Chancellor AIOU Prof Dr Shahid Siddiqui said that Dr Salam proved the fact that one can realise his dream by hard work and strong commitment, no matter what…Read More

Promoting industrialisation for progress

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With a population of 130 million, Pakistan has emerged as the state having most rapid population growth in the world. Though it has approximately 27 per cent arable lands with agriculture having a major contribution to the national economy, yet it is not in a position to fully tap the potential of the agriculture yields as well as various industrial sectors. According to a study, as many as 35 industrial sectors are directly or indirectly associated with the agriculture sector in Pakistan.…Read More

HEC calls for promoting quality scientific research

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article image STAFF REPORT LHR: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has laid great emphasis on the promotion of modern quality scientific research in higher education in Pakistan.Speaking at a ceremony for unveiling plaque of extension of Business and Social Science Block on Friday, Forman Christian College (FCC) (A Chartered University) Rector Dr James A Tebbe said that the college has a commitment not to just prepare men and women for their chosen profession but also to educate broadly so that…Read More

Italy, Pakistan join hands for promoting cultivar

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STAFF REPORT ISB: The oils obtained from olives of the species Olea ferruginea showed a chemical composition similar to that typical of the oils obtained from Olea europaea, except for negligible amounts of erucic acid and brassicasterol and a small presence of linoleic acid, slightly more than 1 per cent. The demand for virgin olive oil is in constant and continuous growth in the world, even from countries not traditionally producers or consumers. Pakistan recorded an annual per capita…Read More

Promoting industry-academia linkages

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With the government announcement to auction the 3G-4G spectrum licenses next month, the local IT and telecom market has started creating positive stirs as the existing cellular service providers as well as international business groups are weighing options of investments in Pakistan’s telecom sector. The government is expecting over $1.5 billion price of these licenses but on the other side this advanced technology could greatly mobilize the whole sector involving billions of rupees in…Read More

Zong takes lead in promoting domestic cricket

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STAFF REPORT KHI: Zong (China Mobile) has sponsorship the recently held National T20 Cup 2014 (Regional Cup) which was participated by as many as 17 teams from all regions of Pakistan. Apart from being the major sponsor of the tournament, Zong has also sponsored five major teams, which are representing four provinces; Lahore Eagles, Karachi Zebras, Peshawar Panthers, Quetta Bears, and a federal team; Islamabad Leopards. "Zong is immensely pleased and excited about sponsoring one…Read More

IIUI president for promoting distant learning

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STAFF REPORT IBD:President, International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI), Dr. Ahad Al-Draiweesh has directed that different programmes of distant learning education offered by Dawah Academy should be in accordance with the contemporary requirements with high effectiveness. He said this during his recent visit to the Dawah Academy where Deputy Director General Dawah Academy Dr. Imtiaz Zafar was also present on the occasion. During the meeting, Dr. Ahmad Yousif met with the heads…Read More