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Winter related fodder shortage problems in small animal holders

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A common question from small livestock farmers at my village is about management of fodder. Especially In winter season they have shortage of fodder and lack proper substitute to fulfil the deficiency of fodder. They have not enough resources to buy modern resources. It is a fact that Pakistan is an agriculture based country where […]…Read More

Food Security Issues related to meat-borne parasites

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Communities related to global health have recognized that parasites have great influence on human economic activities, health and nutrition but unfortunately the same consideration has not been achieved by the animal parasites with the same outcomes. This is of utmost importance because almost half of the world population, particularly the poor, depend upon livestock systems […]…Read More

Speakers term successful implementation on health related SDGs key to improve health services

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Islamabad: strengthening institutional networks and capacities would play key role in successful implementation of health related SDGs. The failure in achieving MDGs should be taken as lesson learned opportunity and hence, to be forward looking by identifying and redressing the gaps in implementation so that health services could be improved across Pakistan.     . The speakers […]…Read More