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Telenor issues guidelines against cell phone scams

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STAFF REPORT IBD: In order to protect its customers from mobile phone scams, the Telenor has issued a set of guidelines. The mobile phone communication has emerged as a useful tool, but there are some groups who use this service for their own purposes to trap the customers who have limited knowledge about mobile phone usage.According to the notification guidelines: "If you receive a call or an SMS which claims that your are winner of a great lucky prize and in order to get the prize you…Read More

Phone scams: A play with innocent souls

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article image By Irum AliMY CELL phone rings and when I answer, a pleasant male voice tells me that I have won Rs. 10 lakh cash prize through a lucky draw. A million bells go off in my head, but since I am in a good mood, I decide to humor the poor guy congratulating me on my amazing luck.Interestingly enough, he tells me to call another number in order to get details. Still amused, I call the other number and another male voice begins weaving a fantasy-like scenario for me being the luckiest person alive to…Read More

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