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MFN status to India to stir competition regime

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Competition will raise in the region with the implementation of Most Favourite Nation (MFN) status to India from January 1, 2013,and need is to establish an effective an efficient quality infrastructure in all sectors, to compete well."The government has outlined a comprehensive strategy with an aim to develop a fast-growing, internationally competitive, and export-driven industrial sector. We have to focus on quality not only in our trade goods and industry but also in…Read More

Pakistan may lose farm state status

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan may fall into the bracket of food-importing countries in near future, if the government fails to take immediate measures to resolve the energy crisis, Engro Corporation President and CEO Muhammad Aliuddin Ansari told the media."We know that wealthy countries and international financial institutions dole out large amounts of aid to poor countries every year to meet their food requirements. I fear Pakistan may join the list of food-importing, poor countries if…Read More