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Coal supply from Thar

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With an aim to increase the share of indigenous resource into the energy mix, the Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) has signed two separate Coal Supply Agreements (CSA) with TEL and Thal Nova for the supply of 1.9 million Tons of coal per annum each. Thal Nova is a joint venture between Thal Power […]…Read More

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1,400MW Thar coal-based project approved

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB:The Private Power and Infrastructure Board (PPIB) approved the project to setup coal power plants in Thar. The project entails four units of coal power plants that will generate 350MW each and 1400MW accumulative. The project aims at utilization of coal resources to account for energy crisis in the country. The project will be established by Chinese company Shanghai Electric Group Company. The approval was given in the 101st board meeting of the PPIB that was chaired by…Read More

Thar coal plant begins power generation

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Staff Report KHI: The Government of Sindh generated 1MW project from Thar coal power plant after a successful pilot project of underground coal gasification process. Dr. Samar Mubarakmand, renowned scientist and Head of Project said, "We have successfully generated 1MWfrom Thar coal plant and presently 4 MW is present in the system. Electricity will be supplied to our system and nearby village." The government mulls over to enhance the generation capacity of the plant to…Read More

WB backs out of Thar coal project over pollution issue

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: The World Bank has pledged to finance a $30 million project relating to Thar coal but later withdrew its support citing a policy change’ as the reason, said Sindh Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Dr Sikander Mandhro told the assembly. He said this while responding to questions regarding the energy department during the assembly session. Dr Mandhro said that the World Bank had changed its policy because of environmental concerns relating to pollution…Read More

Thar coal deposits can bring breakthrough in power sector

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Amid the fast depleting hydle power generation in Pakistan, the domestic coal is going to be the cheapest source of power generation when compared with imported coal, LNG, furnace oil and high speed diesel. Domestic natural gas, although cheaper than coal, is fast becoming a scarce commodity. Unsustainably rising electricity costs and limited foreign exchange reserves have forced policymakers to concentrate on a domestic resource that is in abundance and whose…Read More

Physical work on Thar coal to start in 2 months

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STAFF REPORT LHR: The physical work on Thar Coal Power Project will start within next two months even before financial close while power generation is expected to start in 2017, earlier than any other project currently being envisaged. "The project in now in the phase of contractor finalization and world class Chinese companies have given proposal for execution as well as financing both debt and equity," said Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) CEO Shamsuddin A Shaikh while…Read More

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Saving crops in Thar

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In Thar, there is no canal system and rain is the single source of water for growing crops. There were heavy rains this year and people were delighted. But the sudden attack of harmful insects on crops has shattered the hopes of the locals. Almost 70 per cent crops have been destroyed. The chief crops of Thar such as bajra, gawar and moong are produced in large quantities. Besides, other agricultural products of Thar are a good source of economy for the country. Gawar is exported by the tons…Read More

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