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Technology shifts trends in Pakistan’s Hospitality Sector

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With all its perks, the hospitality industry has found its ways to sustain and strengthen consumer experiences when it comes to convenience, affordable rates and a variety of choices of hotels. Technology plays an important role through which the hospitality sector is contributing towards economy. Both customers and businesses are propelling from advances in communication, […]…Read More

Female Online Buying Trends In Pakistan

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Various recent studies have confirmed the fact that Pakistan’s ecommerce industry is growing fast and has the potential of expanding multi folds in the near future. In Pakistan, there are 30 million internet users (Jabri, 2016). Among them online purchases have accounted for $30 million and are expected to grow (Jabri, 2016). But most of these purchases are recorded to be done far more than males relative to the female population. According to the Kaymu Ecommerce Report on 2015, 70…Read More

Trends moving towards solar energy

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article image Sun is an essential source of life on the planet earth. No life would have been imaginable without sun. Humans can acquire all their needs from the elements of nature by exploring its hidden gems and treasures. The light energy emitted by the sun is called solar energy. This energy is being used for a variety of aims and purposes. Solar power is the 3rd most influential renewable energy source after hydro and wind energy. A foggy or cloudy location collects 2.5 hours of sunlight per…Read More

Zameen.com introduces another first with Property Search Trends tool

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article image PRESS RELEASE: Zameen.com, Pakistan’s top property portal, has introduced the Property Search Trends tool on its website, adding another feature to the long list of its ground-breaking innovations in Pakistan’s online real estate market. Property Search Trends is a tool that helps the website’s users explores the real estate search trends prevalent in the market. The tool has the potential to revolutionize a user’s market insight by offering direct, real-time information about…Read More

Climate Change: Future trends of heat waves discussed

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article image SIDRA SAIF ISB: A seminar focusing on theme "Future Trends of Heat Waves: How to Cope?" was organized by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI). The purpose of the seminar was to disseminate and aware the general public and sensitize policy makers to guide them in order to cope with impending heat wave challenges that are outcome of climate change phenomenon. Dr. Fahad Saeed, Research Fellow at SDPI, said during his presentation on heat wave simulation model’ that in…Read More

Herbal-cosmetics-emerging trends in common people

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article image Herbal Cosmetics: Herbal make ups, identified as goods that remain expressed via different acceptable cosmetic components to form the base into which different herbal component are utilized to define the ornamental advantages that merely will be described as herbal cosmetic goods. In ancient times, herbal makeup industries consisted of huge obscure contents into European and Western Countries for around six centuries ago. Herbal paste and fusions were used for whiten face, an exercise…Read More

Paladion predicts top ten cyber security trends

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article image MONITORING REPORT ISB: Paladion Networks has highlighted the top 10 cyber security trends that will impact global digital security in 2015 and beyond. These trends can have a long-term impact on the enterprises in Middle East. "After rigorous analysing the ever-increasing data flow regionally and globally, we have identified the top 10 cyber security trends that the enterprises in the Middle East needs to be cautious and should not ignore them in their strategic planning…Read More

Recent trends of maize production

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article image Maize is the 3rd important cereal crop after wheat and rice in Pakistan. It has covered 1.14 million ha area in Pakistan according to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) in 2013. Maize cultivation trend is now increasing and projected to increase in future. According to a report, Punjab contributes 38 per cent with 30 per cent total grain production. KPK (Khyber pakhtunkhwa) accounts for 57 per cent of total area and 68 per cent of total production. Though not included in Pakistan…Read More

Mobile financial services go for revolutionary trends

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STAFF REPORT IBD: Mobile financial services have revolutionized the way of life as they have built a set of technology and service capabilities to address those challenges which are faced by traditional banking or financial service sector. Mobile financial services primarily include two broad categories of services - branchless banking via mobile phones, and mobile banking as a channel for financial services.According to a fresh study of the Boston Consulting Group, mobile financial services in…Read More

Livestock sector in Pakistan: Recent trends and progress

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article image Farhan Ali and Dr M Jassar AftabLIVESTOCK SECTOR occupies a unique position in the socio-economic development of Pakistan. It also plays an important role in the rural economy as supplementing family incomes and generating gainful employment in the rural population, particularly among the landless labourers, small and marginal farmers and women. About 30-35 million rural population is engaged in livestock raising, having household holdings of 2-3 cattle/buffalo and 5-6 sheep/goat per family…Read More