11Solutions to climate change

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Climate change is a serious future challenge of the 21th century along with the land use changes, degradations of soils, deforestation, burning of fossils fuel and industrializations. This is the serious challenge given wide range of climate change impacts on natural systems as well as the human health reported by (IPCC 2007). Yet poor populations and developing countries worldwide most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Even sustainability development and reduction of poverty remain at core of global agenda emphasized by world development report 2010. Climate change is happening due to the anthropogenic and natural activities. Anthropogenic activities such as urbanizations, deforestation, changes in land use, burning of fossil fuels and industrializations etc. These man made activities can control by changing our daily routine habits. We cannot minimize the natural activities such as respiration, decomposition of organic matters but we can sustain these natural activities, which are contributing to the climate change. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) are very important for the agriculture, human health and livestock but the anthropogenic activities are the main drivers of climate change.

 The few important solution of the climate change are given below:

  1. Eat less red meat: Cattles and sheep’s are the main source of red meat. And these animals are the biggest source of methane emissions. Methane is also a GHGs which is contributing to climate change. Many other source of meat such as poultry, goat which less produce less emission in the atmosphere.
  2. Make your home be efficient: When we are not in the room we all leave the lights, when we could put on extra clothing fire up the heater, or switch off the television by the remote instead of the wall. Individual carbon footprint can be reduced by the change in behavior. And must be sure your house is good insulated. You can defiantly stop your CO2 emission by change your life styles. Behavior change can reduce our carbon footprint. And you can save your money by adapt these changes.
  • Teleconference and telecommunication: Telecommunicating can the best way of doing work in home and office and more employees are seeing benefit of your paper work. Teleconference means less wasted trips which produced huge burden of CO2 in the atmosphere. It cannot always be done but few less aero planes trip around the world add up a big difference.
  1. Purchase green electricity: Renewable resources are the main sources such as wind, solar and wave power which is to minimize the climate change. Green future is comes from these renewable resources. And these electricity is supply by the same way of dirty electricity which comes from the burning of fossils fuels.
  2. Stop cutting down to trees: 33 million acre of forests are cut down every year. 1.5 billion Metric tons of carbon to atmosphere due to the harvest of timber in the tropics region. That shows 20% of man-made GHGs emissions and a source that can be easily avoid. Improved agriculture systems along with forest management and recycling of papers could quickly to remove the important chunk of GHGs emissions.
  3. Unplug: you know what, the U.S. spend more money to the devices of power when off than when on. Computers, battery chargers, television and appliance utilize more energy when seeming switch off, so unplug them instead. Swapping Old light bulbs more efficient replacement like compact fluorescents would reduce billions of KW hours.
  • To stop the buring of fossils fuel: The biggest challenge for the world to eliminate the burning of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal.  The finding and refining of the fossil fuels have negative impacts on the environment. The best way for this issue is to find the alternatives that can produce clean and also plentiful energy. So, here are some of the alternatives such as energy produced from the ethanol, solar power and biodiesel. You know what_ these alternative resources produce clean and more efficient energy.
  • Purchase local produce: Purchase local produce is best way to minimize the effect of climate change. A good rule is that you purchase something that must be produced locally it will lowering the CO2 emission in the atmosphere.
  1. The electric grid is evolving: Energy efficiency can be improved by the smart grid. Smart grid can also help in save money, reliability_ all these reasons to move back from the burning of fossil fuels and move toward the cleaner source of energy.
  2. More closure to work: Transportations are the main reasons for the emission of greenhouse gases. Flights are also a source of pollution and global warming. Restricting flying to only complicated, long trips_ in many other parts of the world, train can replaced airplanes for short to medium trips­­-would reduce the emission of aero planes.
  3. Take a bag when you go shopping. This is the best way to reduce the environment pollution. The plastic and papers both are bad choice for the environment. Bring your bag is the good choice for our own environment.


This article is collectively authored by Rao M Sajjad Sharif1* Fahad Munir2 and Zahoor Ahmad3- 1Institute of Soil and Environmental Science, University of Agriculture Faisalabad 2Department of Agri-Entomology, University of Agriculture Faisalabad 3Cholistan Institute of Desert Studies, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur.


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