Why Nokia Siemens has evaporated in Pakistan

PTA ALWAYS takes wrong steps at the wrong moment for the wrong reasons. The bubbling and budding telecom industry in Pakistan largely due to the fact that there is no monopoly and the competition is tough and fierce and the consumer base is huge and aware.

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Nokia Siemens was competing mainly with the ZTE, and both were having a fair chunk of the industry, but it was witnessed that ZTE was given undue fair many times and since 2009 Nokia Siemens has been complaining repeatedly. The European financial crisis has also dented the deep pockets of Nokia Siemens.

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Now Telenor Pakistan has signed a $100 million contract with ZTE for country-wide end-to-end network swap plus establishment of entire Access and Core network infrastructure. Moreover, ZTE would also be responsible solely for setting up and administering the Telenor networks across the country and also would be involved in upgrade to the 3G.

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As Nokia Siemens packs its bag, lots of jobs go down the drain in Pakistan, which means more brain-drain for the Pakistanis.

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