Cellular networks and ethics

Although cellular companies in Pakistan are learning millions of rupees every day, yet they keep coming up with new methods of how to fleece the poor public.
First, they dont have any sense of time because our sound sleep is often disturbed when we receive their cruel messages at the dead of time. Secondly, of all the packages they offer, not even one is without a catch. Thirdly, if you ignore to reply, they some time resort to pressure tactics and, in some cases, they thrust a programme on you.
For example, recently I received a message from my cellular network stating that they have given me subscription to music time and if I am not interested I should write unsub to cancel the same.
Now the question is, if I havent applied, why should I apply for the cancellation of the same and, more importantly, do they have the right to deduct money from my account by, first, selling a package to me and, secondly, making me cancel the same and all this without my consent.
I request the government to keep a tab on the activities of all cellular service providers in the best interest of the public.
Haider Ali
Saidu Sharif

Badar Sultan Minhas

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