PTA to auction various spectrums on May 3

STAFF REPORT IBD: The PTA will award all available spectrum to the existing Fixed Local Loop (FLL), Wireless Local Loop (WLL) and Class Value Added Services (CVAS) licensees through the region-wise auction process to be held on May 3 this year.
The authority has set base prices of $25,000 to $27.4 million for frequency bands of 1.9 MHz and 3.5 MHz separately for 14 different telecom regions that aimed to be awarded to different existing telecom operators, says an information memorandum recently issued by the telecom authority.
It has also fixed annual spectrum charges from 10,000 to 75,000 US dollars for different telecom regions depending on capacity and potential areas of business.
According to the terms and conditions, a nationwide licence holder can bid separately for spectrum for the 14 telecom regions or less, while a provincial licence holder can bid for all telecom regions within the licensed province or less. The licenses will be given for 15-year period to both types of operators.
The license/spectrum would only be issued after 50 percent payment of the auction winning price is made within 30 working days from the auction date in dollars, the PTA statement said.

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