49 Sindh villages get solar power energy

STAFF REPORT IBD: In quite a significant breakthrough in the alternative source of energy in Pakistan, the Rural Electrification Programme has provided solar energy to around 3000 homes in as many as 49 villages of Sindh.
In the very next step, another project for electrification of 300 villages in remote areas of Balochistan has been approved and will be launched by the Alternate Energy Development Board.
According to experts, Pakistan has major potential to generate alternate energy through wind, solar, solid waste and small hydro resources but regrettably no particular consideration has been given in this regard. Pakistan is the 6th most prosperous country in the world where sun-availability is up to 16 hours on average.
The solar energy intensity in the sun-belt is approximately 1,800-2,200 KWh per square meter with an annual sunshine duration of 8 to 8.5 hours. These values are among the highest in the world and ideal for the photo voltaic and concentrating solar plants.
There is lot of scope for solar plants in Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab but unfortunately two projects for solar power generation, one each in Punjab and Sindh given to the private sector have not taken off.

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