Flarian: A start-up to learn from

MONITORING REPORT IBD: In an economy like Pakistan, where the services sector accounted significantly for real GDP growth in the past few years, technology start-ups are veritably the way forward, and companies like Rozee.pk are a testimony to that.
As important as the recognition of the growing importance of start-ups in Pakistan is encouraging youth entrepreneurs of Pakistan, who have the necessary creative knack and the risk appetite to venture into the yet untapped arena of technology companies in the country.
A recent start-up, which began online operations on the Pakistan Day, was started by two Pakistani students in Toronto, Canada, offering a unique technology-based product.
Going by the name Flarian, the product being offered by 24-years-old Ali Rizvi and 23-year-old Hammad Naseem is a business card with a built-in flash drive – a relatively simple, yet creative and unique product.
The product could be particularly useful for purposes of sharing basic information such as a business/persons name, address, etc on the card together with a soft copy of some portfolios or promotional business information that will be too cumbersome to give out on paper.
Besides, such an endeavor will attract the well-deserved praise and recognition not only for Pakistans budding entrepreneurs, but for the creative and innovative streak in the countrys citizens as well.

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