Rs.250m WB irrigation project okayed for Punjab

STAFF REPORT IBD: The World Bank-funded $250 million Punjab Irrigated Agriculture Productivity Improvement Programme Project (PIPIPP), approved recently, aims at construction of high-efficiency irrigation systems in the province.
The irrigation systems include drip, bubbler, sprinkler, over an area of about 120,000 acres, improving about 9,000 watercourses, improvement in irrigation agronomy and improvement in project management, supervision, technical assistance, training and strategic studies, related documents reveal
The main objective of the project will be achieved through improved physical delivery efficiency and irrigation practices, crop diversification and effective application of inputs that will translate into greater agricultural output per unit of water used. Subsequently, it will contribute to increased agricultural production, employment and incomes, higher living standards and positive environmental outcomes.
According to details, farmers would carry 40 per cent of the cost of material, labour and installation, while the government would finance 60 per cent of such cost and administrative cost of the government for installation of the system. The project will also support provision of precision land leveling equipment for improving land-levelling operations and thus improving irrigation application efficiency.
The project will directly benefit about 580,000 farm families or about 4 million people all over the province while a very large population would be indirect beneficiaries.

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