Arab summit lauds PERN role

STAFF REPORT IBD: Owing to increased importance of getting acquaintance with ICT, the International Telecommunication Union Connect Arab summit has recently been held at Doha, Qatar, which was participated by 450 delegates including some top government officials from about 26 countries.
On the occasion, it was stressed that in addition to attaining good technological status, proper grip over ICTs is mandatory as most of the international ICT corporations are based in Gulf states.
The participating governments executives put light about how getting updated with the latest ICT tools can cure youth unemployment and promote innovation. Importance of broadband was also highlighted and the leaders from underdeveloped world vowed inclusion of wide-scale broadband as their top priority.
Pakistan Educational and Research Network (PERN) is the countrys only research network providing high speed internet and intranet facilities to associated academic institutes. About 110 universities are connected via PERN and about 6.25 Gbps internet bandwidth is utilized. Most of the delegates there considered it pertinent to follow the pattern of PERN for establishing PIREN, an official of the Network told the summit.
PIREN will pave new ways of research and development in the Islamic world. Besides, enabling collaboration of participating countries researchers, it will standardize the ICT setup of participating nations.

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