Mesh size approved for fish, shrimp catch

Staff Report KHI: The Marine Fisheries Department has approved mesh size for fish and shrimp catch under the instructions of Food and UN Agriculture Organization (FAO).

“After several experiments, the department approved 55 millimeters (mm) square mesh size for the catch of fish and 30mm square panel for the catch of shrimp,” an official told the media here.
Earlier, three experiments of 25mm, 30mm and 40mm mesh sizes had failed as there was zero escapement of juvenile fish from them, said the official. “Those were insignificant nets and the result was not good,” he said.
Pakistan fisheries authorities are complying with the instructions of UN and European Union for better and healthy fishing. “We checked mesh sizes under the code of conduct for responsible fisheries as instructed by FAO,” he said.
“All other fisheries departments have also agreed on these mesh sizes, which will be approved next week,” he added.
The Marine Fisheries Department has also started formal document exchange with the EU and the step by step recommendations are being sent for lifting of the ban. “We have to maintain hygienic conditions as there is no compromise on food safety,” said the official.

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