Law to monitor net cafes in Punjab soon

STAFF REPORT IBD: The Punjab government is going to forward a bill titled “Net Café Regulations Act (Punjab Cyber and Gaming Café Regulations Act) 2012” to the provincial assembly owing to countless controversies demanding the implementation of proper monitoring regulations for internet cafes.
The bill is likely to be tabled in Punjab Assembly after consultation with concerned stakeholders, sources said.
According to the bill, in net cafes, private cabins will no more be allowed and the existing cabins will be removed. Instead, computers will be placed on simple tables. Moreover, customers will have to provide their identity cards and the net café owners will have to maintain a record of their customers identifications. The owner of the café will be culpable for any sort of misuse detected and the cafes will neither remain open after 10 pm nor before 8 am.
Ironically, despite being an Islamic country, according to statistics Pakistan has topped the list of countries using search engine for the inappropriate keywords during last couple of years. In the year 2011, for about ten months, Lahore was among the top 10 cities where the word sex was searched by internet users. Previously, objections about porn content have made the PTA to restrict about 13,000 pornographic websites.

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