Targeted research panacea to multiple crises

DECADES BACK, the modern world had set itself on the track to progress, now it is the government of Pakistan which has started realizing the gravity of the situation or backwardness or increasing dependence on others for almost all needs. The government is regularly making commitments for giving priority to initiating need-based research activities in order to put the country on the path to progress on a sustainable way. To prove these pledges, it is also arranging seminars, workshops, discussions and conferences wherein a large number of international renowned personalities and scholars participate and highlight the importance of extensive research and higher education. This initiative on the part of the government is no doubt a good effort, however, the prevalent ground situation does not match this initiative. Rather the concerns of the stakeholders multiply when it come to surface that majority of the research projects started in the past especially in the field of science and technology are now either shelved or at a snails pace with no tangible progress, while a huge chunk of the budgetary allocations had been spent on them. Academia of the country openly point to the fact that the government has failed to deliver on extensive research sector. It is painful to say that as a nation, we have failed in realising the importance of education because in the past we dont believe in its miracles. If we have to make progress we will have to give education a chance by all means. At this critical stage, when there is no iota of doubt about the efficacy of science and technology research, the government needs to set its target in relevant fields and primarily focus on this area as it would certainly lead to economic stability of the country. Presently, the energy crisis has emerged as the mother of all ills in the country. To come out of this critical situation, extensive exploration in alternatives energy options is desperately needed. According to estimates, air, coal and solar energy potential is abundant in the country. Similarly, we have shining brains that can do a lot especially in the field of science and technology. What the government needs to do is to just to focus its all available resources and kick-start the research programme for all important sectors without further delay. Enhanced exchange of delegations with other countries can deliver a lot in this regard. The government must realize the importance of science and technology, which necessitates the need for a focused approach to achieve the desired results. It is not too late. The high impact research even now can give a competitive edge to Pakistan to take advantage in the field of knowledge-based economy.

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