Day: May 8, 2012

On call centres, IT industry and govt policies

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article image By Faryal NajeebTell me a little about TRG.TRG is an information technology (IT) services company which was established in 2002. The company was founded by Pakistani entrepreneurs based in the United States. The idea was to jump start the call centre services in Pakistan. I would say, there are two ways to establish a business; either you start from scratch or you buy already established companies. Our idea was to establish a business process outsourcing (BPO) service firm by acquiring already…Read More

Meet Umair, Pakistans very own child prodigy

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article image By Anaam RazaCHILD PRODIGIES are an eclectic bunch; being on the fast-track in the lane of life at such a tender age makes them so. Although, some go on to commit suicide, turn to crime and develop drink and drug problems, we remain irrevocably fascinated by them. We are overcome by their childhood achievements and allured by the fame and recognition they bring to the family. Secretly we wish in the depths of our hearts that our children would also do the same.However, what we fail to realise is…Read More

Fair recognition sought!

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Thought the government has placed the research activities amongst its top priorities, yet there are still a lot needs to be done to regulate the whole procedure of assessing the nature as well as quality of research work being done by scholars, research and academia. The Impact Factor, as published by the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) in Philadelphia in its Journal Citation Reports (JCR), is used by some department heads in some countries in faculty assessments. But nowhere in the…Read More

Chaos in alma maters

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QUAID-E-AZAM University (QAU), Islamabad stands tall as an institution that imparts quality education, good governance and solid work ethics. Unfortunately, this institution is playing havoc with students’ lives due to its shoddy mismanagement. There is a frequent increase in tuition and hostel fees. Students come here from all over the country to seek quality education. Most of these students are from remote, poverty-ridden areas, unable to afford heavy fees. Vice Chancellor gave those…Read More

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Bt Corn in Pakistan – Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed case

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ABOUT ONE year back, the Biotech regulatory process in Pakistan was jolted due to the issues surrounding Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed’s conduct with reference to Monsanto’s Bt Corn recommendation case in the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). It had been admitted by Monsanto Pakistan that the report had been prepared by it as per instructions received!The relevant news story was published in national newspaper, titled: "Foreign company speaks on GM corn field trials".Even after the passage…Read More

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Alternative energy

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REFERENCE THE talks of alternative energy solutions to reduce load shedding. I was thinking that, will solar energy or even wind energy by itself revive half the industry of the country which is shutdown and fleeing the country? We need mega quantities of power which only mega dams can give in the long run. Alternate means of energy and even Thar coal will not give us the required quantity of water for irrigation. Shortage of power has blinded us to the bigger problem of shortage of water which…Read More