EMS brings BlackBerry App World in Pakistan

STAFF REPORT IBD: EMS, which is a strategic channel partner of RIM (Research in Motion), has partnered with Pakistans telecom operator to bring Blackberry App World in Pakistan.
The Blackberry App World is the official app store for BlackBerry smartphones which enables Blackberry users to download and manage applications on their smartphones.
The App World was already accessible throughout the world with few countries as exception, counting it to be 130 countries, 14 languages, and is supported by more than 26 currencies and these numbers keep on growing. As per stats more than 6 million apps are downloaded daily from the app store.
Babar Khan, CEO EMS said, “We are very excited to be a part of the App World launch in Pakistan. The BlackBerry App World storefront is a wireless application store that is available on BlackBerry® smartphones. It is designed to allow BlackBerry smartphone users with an environment to browse, download, and update third-party applications, and purchase applications using valid PayPal® accounts and credit cards. BlackBerry smartphone users can use the BlackBerry App World storefront to rate and share applications with other BlackBerry smartphone users.”

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