Non-bailable warrants of telecom firm executive

STAFF REPORT IBD: The Accountability Court has issued a non-bailable warrant against the management of Callmate Telipse Company during hearing of a corruption case. The director of the company Hassan Jameel Ansari has been sent to jail on judicial remand.
According to notification issued by NAB, it was revealed during an investigation into the company that it was involved in fraudulent practices against the general masses and has made considerable losses to the national exchequre. Since 2003 till 2008, this company resulted in 6 billion rupees fraud against both government and general masses. The government institutions that were affected by this fraud were KSE, PTA and PTCL.
With that concluding this investigation, a reference was submitted to the accountability courts against the management of this company on which the court issued non-bailable warrants against them. This is when the Director of the company, Hassan Jameel Ansari, who was arrested was sent to the jail for judiciary remand.

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