NA body questions high price of 4000 solar tube wells

STAFF REPORT IBD: The National Assembly Standing Committee on Textile Industry, while taking notice of the exorbitant price estimates of up to Rs 3 million of each solar tube well in the country, has questioned this price saying when this technology is available in the market at Rs 1.5 million as maximum price, then why the Planning Commission has fixed these estimates so high.

The committee directed the Planning Commission to present methodology adopted by it for the calculation of the cost of solar tube wells in its next meeting.

The PEPCO representative informed that a pilot project is also under active consideration and undergoing approval process under which the government has decided to install 4,000 solar tube wells in all the four provinces with 1,000 in each province. One solar tube well would cost Rs 3 million and the federal government would provide 50 percent of the cost as subsidy to the farming community and remaining 50 percent cost would be borne by the farmer himself.

Meanwhile, PEPCO informed the legislators that PEPCO has finalised the estimates for separation of feeders of agriculture tube wells across the country and it would cost Rs 33 billion.

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