NAYS-Pakistan chief holds meetings with world S and T icons

STAFF REPORT IBD: NAYS-Pakistan President Aftab Ahmad has recently visited Italy and held a series of meetings with senior officials of Dr. Lucilla Spini–Coordinator IAP and IAMP (InterAcademy Medical Panel) at ICTP campus in Trieste; and Dr. Peter McGrath (Program Officer TWAS) at ICTP Campus; Professor K. Tahir Shah (Chairman Board of Directors of The Emerging Nations Science Foundation).

During his meetings, he briefed them about the introduced about his organization and various projects undertaken by NAYS Pakistan.

Further discussion was made on possible collaboration between NAYS and TWAS.

Detailed discussion was also held in a meeting with Prof. K. Tahir Shah initially to figure out the major challenges to developing nations especially Pakistan. Prof. Tahir also elaborated the key points for the success of developed nation on the basis of his vast experience of working in various developed countries.

The work that has been done by NAYS Pakistan was greatly appreciated by Dr. Lucilla and she further added that other developing countries should follow a similar model to promote Science and Technology. The possible collaboration of NAYS with IAP and IAMP was also discussed in this meeting.

Dr. Peter also valued the number of women researchers in NAYS team and asked that they should also join the organization of women in science for the developing world.

The President NAYS also had discussions with head of different organizations, policy makers and eminent scientists during his visit.

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