ROZEE.PK CEO shares success story at world forum

STAFF REPORT LHR: ROZEE.PK, Pakistans leading job portal, has recently participated in the over 100 AllWorld fast growth entrepreneurs and business leaders AllWorld Summit@Harvard. Business leaders from the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region, Pakistan and Turkey participated in the three-day event.

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“I want the world to know our story; we have experienced 8,500 percent growth in five years despite the fact that it was one of the most challenging times in Pakistans history. We are here to help SMEs across the globe by sharing our experiences and learning,” said Monis Rahman, CEO ROZEE.PK, while addressing this global SME forum.

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He asserted that ever since its formation in 2007, ROZEE.PK has helped the Pakistani economy grow and provided suitable employment to thousands of jobseekers throughout Pakistan.

In his remarks, Leànne Viviers, SME Toolkit Programme Manager, IFC, said, “The collaboration between AllWorld and IFCs SME Toolkit aims to inspire and enable SMEs in developing countries. We are putting together our resources and network to reach out and convey to them that with the right mindset and proper management skills they too can overcome serious challenges in their markets and prosper as businesses.”

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