EMC Consulting, CIO to act as cloud in altering IT

STAFF REPORT KHI: CIO Pakistan has organized a consultation wherein veterans from the local IT Industry gathered on a common platform to discuss how cloud should be utilized to drive efficiency.

The main objective of holding this event was to discuss with the audience and engage them in a healthy conversation regarding the incorporation of a cloud strategy in the businesses IT strategy followed by the development of a vigorous structural design for cloud. Suggestions were sought from the audience about how feasible it is for the companies to design a cloud and shift the infrastructure to cloud.

This was followed by a presentation by the members of EMC Consulting where the presenters talked about three filters that can aid in evaluating workloads. They also briefed how the three filters namely economy, trust and functional can play role in maximizing cloud for those companies and businesses that want to perform businesses on minimum costs.

The audience, keen to know the advantages of developing cloud, were told about various types of clouds. Later, the presenters highlighted the significance of hybrid cloud, which they said is the most cost-effective option and is a blend of private and public cloud.

A big project is accomplished with small efforts and contributions and this is what these events do in keeping people informed about changes and how they can enhance their business via Smart Information Technology.

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