Zong sponsors Olympic athlete Rabia

STAFF REPORT IBD: In order to acknowledge their efforts and motivate the talented women of Pakistan, Zong has decided to support Pakistani athlete Rabiq Ashiq who will be running in the 800 metre competition in the London Olympics scheduled for August 8, 2012.

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Rabia was selected to participate in the event through wildcard. Zongs effort is aimed at ensuring that women, who comprise 51 per cent population of Pakistan, are given all the support that they deserve, and to ignite passion.

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Hailing from a modest background, Rabia had to face discouragement from her immediate and extended family initially but her passion drove her to continue taking part in sports at school and college level. Recognizing her tenacity, Zong decided to sponsor the athlete for her participation in the worlds foremost sports competition.

“Rabia is an epitome of courage and an excellent example for the world to see that with minimal resources there can still be success stories of women who are willing to dream. Even if the society is not ready to support, a person can change everyones perception through their consistent efforts,” remarked Usman Ishaq, Executive Director Commercial of Zong.

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