HEC facilitates over 1600 PhDs in foreign research

STAFF REPORT IBD: The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan HEC, under it International Research Support Initiative Program IRSIP, has awarded 1647 scholarships to PhD scholars, studying in higher education institutions of Pakistan, for undertaking research at top ranking universities of 37 academically advanced countries.

“These foreign scholarships have been awarded in all the major disciplines including physical sciences, agriculture and veterinary sciences, biological and medical sciences, social sciences, management sciences and engineering,” said Executive Director HEC, Prof. Dr. Sohail H. Naqvi, while talking to the media.

He said that through this initiative, HEC is offering six-month research fellowship abroad to full-time PhD students enrolled in Pakistan to enhance their research capabilities.

The indigenous PhD students sometimes face problems in research due to paucity of resources, therefore, the scheme is helping to provide doctoral students exposure internationally so that they could carry out research projects of high standard.

It was also informed that the scheme is also assisting the ongoing Indigenous PhD programmes by providing a mechanism for PhD scholars to travel abroad and conduct research in academically advanced countries.

As an outcome of this programme, the number of international research publications by Pakistani scholars has been increased from 304 to 662 with 117 per cent increase while the number of local publications has also been increased from 380 to 552 with 45% increase.0 to 552 with 45% increase.

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