UNISAME seeks PSQCA NOC for enlisted firms

STAFF REPORT KHI:  The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) has urged the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Science and Technology to consider allowing all pre-shipment accredited agencies listed with the Pakistan Standard Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) to issue no objection certificates (NOC) on behalf of PSQCA as it will not be possible for PSQCA alone to manage import and export inspection of cargo single handedly.

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“In lieu of the Trade Policy 2012 – 2015 decision to entrust PSQCA with the quality control responsibility it would be a sane decision to authorize all accredited agencies listed with PSQCA to share the work load,” said President UNISAME Zulfikar Thaver in a statement issued here.

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He said that this step would help in getting speedy clearance and dispatch of shipments otherwise there will be a long queue resulting in payment of speed money to inspectors leading to corruption.

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In view of the huge number of imports and export shipments it is advisable that all international and domestic agencies enlisted in Pakistan and coming under the fold of PSQCA be authorised to issue NOC to expedite smooth clearance of cargo.

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