Meeting stresses making cities climate-resilient

STAFF REPORT IBD: A high-level meeting recently held in the federal capital has taken took serious notice of the cleanliness, garbage misstatement, increasing pollution, violation of building codes, poor or inadequate availability of safe water and sanitation issues in the capital city.

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The meeting focused on the second Progress Review on Implementation of Climate Change Policy and Making Capital City A Model City held at the Climate Change Ministry under the chair of Federal Climate Change Minister Rana Muhammad Farooq Saeed.

The meeting observed expansion of the city and its suburbs in a manner which is not environmentally sustainable and that makes city climatically un-resilient is matter of serious concerned and a trend that must be checked while CDA chairman, Secretary Climate Change Mahmood Alam, Director-General (Environment) at the Ministry of Climate Change Jawaid Ali Khan, and others attended the meeting.

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On pointing out the mounting garbage and inadequate facilities for its handling as serious nuisance for the city, the CDA chairman informed the meeting that efforts are being taken to tackle this issue and local and international donors are also being taken onboard for waste-to-energy initiatives. Such projects will aid in use of the garbage for plugging energy gaps in the federal city.

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He also said that a five-year agreement has been signed with an organization in Belgium for waste-to-energy project in the city that was to be built at Kuri area near Chak Shahzad.

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