Szabist installs first local power turbine

STAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistani university Szabist has successfully installed the countrys first indigenously designed and locally fabricated wind turbine at its Gharo Research Centre.

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“The turbine was fabricated in Pakistan by using almost 85 per cent local components,” said Dr Imran Amin, head of the project while giving details to the media. “It costs around Rs1.2 million.”

Dr Amin refused to give the cost estimates as the price has not been as yet. He, however, compared that one megawatt foreign made wind turbine cost $1m, two megawatts $1.8-2m and three megawatts wind turbine cost around $2.7m. One megawatt is equal to 1,000KVA.

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The wind turbine of 6KVA was designed and fabricated by the Centre for Renewable Energy Research (CRER) and headed by Dr Imran Amin and his team of engineers and technicians of the university.

“The higher cost of wind turbine remains no more a hurdle in the way of wind power production in the world but its availability has come into question now,” he said.

interesting reading:  Pakistan signs deal with Chinese wind turbine producer

International producers of wind turbines are delivering a plant of 1.5-2MW in three years time from the date of booking. The local production of such technology would help Pakistan tap the available huge potential of 50,000MW through wind turbines, he maintained.

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