The point to take pride!

IT SPRINGS no surprise at all when it comes to fore that there are innumerable areas in Pakistan that have ever witnessed any significant progress for the last many decades. Conventional methodologies and orthodox approaches dominate the sectors especially agriculture, environment and, science and technology, which has got an envious niche across the world, regrettably minus Pakistan; which speaks volumes of the seriousness on the part of the successive governments towards setting the priorities on national sensitive issues. Today is the age of media which has potentially established its vitality in not only disseminating information but also creating awareness about almost all areas of global life. In Pakistan, people have comparatively less information about the level of potential, achievements as well as research in the fields of science and technology, environment, agriculture and information technology. This lack of information is no doubt a point of major concern and the people need to be sensitized about these sectors through media. The Technology Times, which has celebrating its third anniversary on January 4, 2013, has emerged as the only publication in Pakistan which fully covers the areas like science and technology, agriculture, information technology, telecommunication and environment. It has and is playing an important role in disseminating information and creating awareness about the potential of these sectors which are considered the pillars of a modern state in the present times. Covering seminars, workshops and highlighting sensitive national issues of the above-mentioned sectors, human achievements, research activities, progress as well as quality of academicians and students learning capabilities and their academic achievements have always been the hallmark of this publication since its inception. It regularly takes special endeavours in the shape of sponsoring students essay contests, speech competitions as well as exhibitions to promote and encourage the young talents. It addition, the Technology Times continues to pinpoint the problems, shortcomings, drawbacks as well as wrong decisions of the relevant authorities regarding these sectors in a positive and suggestive way in order to put things on right way and ensure sustainable growth. These sectors are the ones on which the whole fabrics of development of a modern state depends. Needless to say that these important areas need more serious efforts especially on the part of government as the country still lags far behind as far as the level of progress in rest of the world is concerned. The Technology Times does not want to remain the lone torch bearer in projecting these areas potential as more publications should emerge meant to cover these areas, as it believes the more publications would come the more awareness the people would have about these areas. But at the same time what needs to be required for this is the professional expertise the Technology Times has.

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