Pakistan, US need to tap expertise in life sciences

STAFF REPORT KHI: There is a major opportunity to exploit the exciting advances in life sciences, which the scientific community in Pakistan should seize. It is being driven by the rapid advances in information technology and genetic sequencing. Thus, it is about people and knowledge that can be transformed and accessed at a relatively low cost.

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These views were expressed by Terence Taylor, the International Council for Life Sciences (ICLS), while talking to media here. He was recently in Karachi to the Fourth ICLS-KIBGE International Conference on “Science, Technology and Engineering: Innovative, Yet Responsible”.

To a question about his expectations from the ICLS-Pakistan, he said that it is now the time for action and that has to come from you. ICLS-Pakistan is ready to help to play whatever role is necessary to make things happen.

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“It would be a good thing if there is Pakistani participation in the next World Conference on Research Integrity, which takes place in Montreal in May 2013. This would be a wonderful opportunity for Pakistani scientists and engineers to demonstrate their commitment to responsible commitment of science,” he said.

He said that he would like to see teams of young Pakistani scientists and engineers in the Intl Genetically Engineered Mechanics Competition.

It is a competition in which teams from universities and colleges take part by designing and demonstrating machines and devices that they themselves have made which deliver a useful purpose for answering a specific problem.

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