Telecom revenue reaches Rs 412b in 2011-12

STAFF REPORT IBD: The annual revenue of Pakistans telecom sector crossed the figure of Rs 411.4 billion during the financial year 2011-12 from its earlier Rs 362.9 billion during 2010-11 showing a growth of 12 percent.

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According to a report released by the PTA, growth in telecom revenues this year is significant especially when growth rate was marginal during i.e. 5.4 per cent during FY 2011 and 3.1 per cent during FY 2010.

The increase in revenues is largely attributed to increase in subscribers numbers, introduction of new VAS and increased usage of data services. Below graphs depict the growth in overall and data revenues of Telecom sector.

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With the increase in the use of data services including broadband, dial-up, mobile internet, SMS and MMS, the revenues of data services of telecom operators have reached Rs 67.5 billion during the financial year 2012.

The fresh data shows that the broadband subscribers in the country crossed 2 million mark, majority of which are served by LL and WLL operators, such as PTCL and Worldcall.

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Cellular sectors data revenues are currently 9 percent of overall revenues, showing that there is huge untapped potential available for the operators. This can go up tremendously with the emergence of 3G technology.

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