Business community role needed to save environment

960101_10152872161265515_769552912_nSTAFF REPORT IBD: The business community is required to take protective measures for reducing the environment related challenges as the unchecked industrial growth is posing a serious threat to the earth.
These were the views expressed by speakers at a seminar “ACCA-WWF Business Earth Talk” which was recently arranged by ACCA Pakistan in collaboration with WWF here to mark the Earth-Day.
The event encompassed discussion forums Climate Change: A Business Challenge or Opportunity and Predicting the Future: Annual Report 2030, followed by the ninth annual ACCA-WWF Pakistan Environmental Reporting Awards (PERA) ceremony.
Panelists of the discussion forum including Director General, WWF Pakistan Ali Hassan Habib focused on the challenges that businesses face in view of the climate change, businesses survival, sustainability of natural resources and government-NGOs-business partnerships.
Arif Masud Mirza, Head of ACCA Pakistan, said that events like this raise environmental awareness in the corporate sector, even after nine years of presenting the PERA awards, promoting sustainability will continue to be a key ACCA and WWF commitment.
The discussants also deliberated over the possible role of the business community in Pakistan in undertaking initiatives aimed at raising awareness of commitment to climate change and whether it presents a business challenge or opportunity.
It was concluded that, for businesses survival, sustainability of natural resources is essentially important. The government-NGOs-business partnerships would lead to effective management of climate change challenges.

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