BP Pak mangos export to South Korea can earn $2b

P4 pakistan mangos exp_optSTAFF REPORT KHI: Pakistan could tap $2 billion market of South Korea with the export of different varieties of mangos by the next few years as it shipped its consignment to South Korea first time in the history.

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The country last year had got approval for mango export after inspection of quality and standard of flavours of the product. This year the country is being allowed to export 500 tons mangoes, however, the first consignment shipped carried around 10 tons of mangoes.

The mangoes exports will not only increase trade ties between the two countries but it will also open a new market corridor for Pakistani traders in different sectors to promote countrys branded products particularly in the fruit and multiple diversified and unique sectors.

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Pakistans mangoes have potential markets worldwide and South Korea could be one of the countries where the fruit exporters could penetrate with different varieties of mangoes against handsome returns, Abdul Qadir Khan Durrani a fruit exporter and CEO of Durrani Associate said in an inauguration ceremony.

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The introduction of mangoes export to South Korea is a welcome development for the country, Durrani said.

He hailed the opening of the Korean market as a landmark achievement and expressed hope in doors opening to other fruits of Pakistan once mango reaches the Korean market.

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