Local production of sun-flower, soyabean, corn stressed

sun_flower_world_hd-HD_optSTAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan is self-sufficient in food, cotton and sugar, however, even then we have to spend precious foreign exchange of billions of rupees on the import of edible oil.

“We should evolve modern varieties of edible seeds of sun-flower, corn, soyabean, Jojoba, rapeseed and Cassamba to save Rs 200 billion precious foreign exchange, said Federal Minister for Food Security and Research Alhaj Sikandar Hayat Bosan while talking to media here.

He said that research-based technical knowledge related to agriculture and agricultural technologies must reach the farmers at their doorstep and it should not be kept in shelves to meet the challenges of food autarky.

He stressed the need for developing a mechanism for accessible information for extension workers and farmers. Collective efforts and wisdom needed to achieve self-sufficiency in agriculture sector and to ensure food security in the country, he maintained.

Boson appreciated the role of international agencies and donors for holding such events in Pakistan to share technical and scientific knowledge and experience by experts and financial support for development of agriculture sector in the country.

He urged upon the progressive farmers, researchers and agricultural scientists to reduce the knowledge gap between researchers and enhancing the capacity of the extension workers.

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