DSL broadb and base exceeds one million mark

STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistans DSL broadband base hit one million in April last while the total broadband base swelled to 2.62 million broadband subscribers, up from 2.55 million in March last.

According to fresh statistics of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, the DSL base stood at 1.03 million, up from 997,863 a month earlier. The second most popular access technology was EV-DO with 947,914 internet users versus 902,618 in the prior month, followed by Wimax with 590,936 internet users, but this number was down from 597,76 in March.

The HFC internet base fell to 33,212 from 33,440 while the FTTH user base increased to 10,771 from 10,503 a month earlier. Some 3,678 broadband subscribers used other technologies.

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