NetSol selects Toshibas VRF system

STAFF REPORT LHR: NetSol Technologies has selected Toshiba VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) HVAC equipment for its under-construction building to be among pioneers in Pakistan for Green and Energy Efficient Building.

The equipment is made in Japan with green environment friendly refrigerant. As compared to other conventional ACs, it saves more than 50 per cent energy, delivers the same output, and has a longer life span. Nucon Engineers, distributor of Toshiba HVAC equipment for Pakistan, have reiterated their commitment to contribute as much as possible to broaden the base for the quality equipment in Pakistan.

“Selection of NUCON engineers reflects the trust and confidence customers have in the equipment,” said Mustafa Khalid, NUCON Engineers Chief Executive Officer.

According to a UNEP study titled “Towards a Green Economy,” homes and businesses are responsible for 40 percent of the climate change through carbon pollution.

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