PCRWR projects showing desired results

STAFF REPORT IBD: Chairman PCRWR Dr. Muhammad Aslam Tahir has said that the Council is in the process of new initiatives in order to ensure as well as improve the quality of potable water across the country especially in rural areas where the ratio of water borne diseases are on the rise. Similarly, its ongoing water management projects are on track and achieving the desired goals.

He said this while giving a briefing Federal Minister Science and Technology Zahid Hamid on the Councils current and future on research and development activities pertaining to water quality, water management, rainwater harvesting, groundwater investigations and products and services offered by PCRWR for the masses of the country. The role played by the Council in addressing various issues of water resources was also highlighted on the occasion.

Federal Secretary Science and Technology Akhlaq Ahmed Tarrar was also present at the briefing.

The minister appreciated the tangible and productive work carried out by the Council and said that the National Water Quality Laboratory of the PCRWR has the state-of-the-art facilities, which must be utilized to the maximum extent.

He was said that the water quality testing and treatment technologies developed by PCRWR must be commercialized on larger scale to benefit the common man with the public-private partnership.

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