109,268 students get edu thru PSF shows

STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) has educated more than 109,268 students from 451 schools of the country, during the financial year 2012-13 by arranging science caravans and mobile science exhibition, mounted on especially designed vehicles.

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At present, nine Science Caravan Units are in operation, two for each of the four provinces and one is stationed at Islamabad.

?The Science Caravans are meant for organizing Mobile Science Exhibitions for the students and general public,? said PSF spokesperson PSF Rehana Batool while talking to media.

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The visits of caravans are arranged in collaboration with the relevant Directorate of Education. Rehana said through these exhibitions, efforts are made to develop the skills of students to think and solve every day problems by application of science and technology in their daily life.

?PSF stresses upon stimulating and motivating the students towards scientific and technological studies for playing their appropriate role in our social development,? she maintained.

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All narration are bilingual and accompanied with simple illustrations. Microscopes, computers, laser holograms and working models reflecting various phenomena of physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology through simple exhibits.

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