SIMs sale linked with bio-metric system

STAFF REPORT KHI: The Sindh High Court has directed completion of biometric system and registration of all SIMs through it till September 5.

“SIMs should not be issued until biometric verification to any person,” the court ordered to the authorities observing that SIMs are being used in criminal activities.

At present mobile phone service operators issue SIMs just on submitting a copy of National Identity Card and in some cases law and order agencies have detected hundreds of SIMs issued in the name of one person.

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The previous government had taken a number of initiatives to control issuance of SIMs to unverified persons as in most of the terror incidents the terrorists had used mobile phones for the subversive activities across the country.

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The telecom authorities had also disbanded the sale of SIMs at the mobile companies franchised outlets to control the SIMs issuance to unverified persons, though it had badly impacted the business volume of these sale points.

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