WISE helps raise education need for industry growth

STAFF REPORT LHR: Industries in Pakistan require education and training pathways, which stretch from school through to vocational and higher education as their progress and growth is attached with the advanced research.

Innovation has always been the driving force and inertia behind development in many sectors which have stirred a global change. However, education, which is the bedrock of all sorts of development, has been left behind as far as innovation is concerned.

Realizing this glaring deficit in education sector, the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) was established dedicated to provide a platform to all the educational enthusiasts around the world to discuss and put forward diverse ideas to promote innovation in education. According to an official, it is an international platform for innovation that nurtures new approaches, recognizes and supports successful initiatives and helps these initiatives spread and grow.

Given the fact that WISE community is 18,000 members strong in 152 countries who are cumulatively seeking novel solutions to the challenges being faced by education, it would not be an under-statement to say that the world will see the education revolution in a few years to come.

The summit is held annually and each year a theme is prescribed to it which shapes the events and discussions at the summit.

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