WWF, IFRO join h and s for marine resources conservation

STAFF REPORT IBD: World Wide Fund for Nature – Pakistan (WWF – Pakistan) and Iranian Fisheries Research Organisation (IFRO) have signed an agreement to jointly extend technical and institutional support for development and conservation of marine resources in eco-region of North Arabian Sea.

“Agreement with the IFRO is aimed at managing marine resources efficiently and adopting standard practices,” said an official of the Fund adding the IFRO is the lead agency for marine research at national level in Iran, with having over 80 specialised and well-harnessed laboratories.

Both the WWF – Pakistan and the IFRO will focus on a regular exchange of information about each others activities, on ground interventions, research and policy of mutual interest.

“In addition to this, they will collaborate on joint initiatives, experience sharing and exposure visits,” the Fund said.

The IFRO has agreed to provide facilities to access scientific equipment and laboratory resources including research vessels, by-catch reduction devices (BRDs) and conductivity, temperature and density (CTD), it said.

This agreement also aims at building and strengthening a long-term collaboration between WWF – Pakistan and IFRO. “Both will also focus on important fish species such as tuna and tuna like species which both countries share as common resources in the Persian Gulf,” it maintains.

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