Plan under way to produce fertilizer with local coal

STAFF REPORT IBD: Ministry of Science and Technology has come up with a formula to produce fertilizer from local coal that will cost only Rs 600 per 50-kg bag as compared to the imported DAP fertilizer that is sold at Rs 4000 per bag in the market.

“PCSIR has performed multiple experiments on coal to fertilizer project and finally has claimed that it is successful thus making the country able to produce local DAP fertilizer that mostly is imported from other countries,” said Secretary Ministry of Science and Technology Kamran Ali Qureshi while talking to the media.

PCSIR claims that it is providing the fertilizer to farmers on experimental basis and the results are wonderful and no adverse affect has been reported yet.

It is also pertinent to mention here that coal to fertilizer formula already exist in the world but in Pakistan it has been done for the very first time. The formulas mostly are owned by the companies so whoever wants to do that have to conduct experiments on its own.

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