Cellcos set to install biometric system

STAFF REPORT IBD: All mobile operators of Pakistan have so far agreed to install the biometric system at every point of sale and increased the fee of SIM verification through biometric from Rs 13 to Rs 28 per transaction, sources close to this development disclosed.

Since installation of biometric system can enhance the national security environment so with setting up the new system at every point of sale of SIM is expected to reduce the security risks in the country in coming days. Currently mobile phone companies are selling SIMs at 250,000 sales points across Pakistan and NADRA is engaged in the verification of SIM through its biometric system. The sources in telecommunication sector said that all the CEOs of the countrys mobile operators have so far agreed to install biometric system at their every point of sale. The installation of complete biometric equipment at every point of sale would cost around between Rs 40,000 per outlet.

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