25 million tons wheat production target set up

STAFF REPORT IBD: The Federal Committee on Agriculture (FCA) has set up 25 million tons wheat production target during the Rabi 2013-14 with availability of fertilizer during December and January.

The meeting held at the PARC headquarters with Federal Food Minister Sikandar Hayat Bosan in the chair, reviewed the kharif crops 2013-14 and to plan production target Rabi Crops 2013-14 for major food crop wheat, gram, lentil, potato, onion, oilseed like rapeseed, mustard and to address the domestic consumption and for exporting.

The position of availability of different farm inputs including seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation water and agriculture credit was also reviewed in the meeting.

Availability of certified seeds, agriculture credit and pesticides particularly herbicides was also ensured by the relevant departments.

During the meeting, Secretary Food Seerat Asghar said that it is the first meeting of FCA after 18th Constitutional Amendments that held after three year and with the consultation of provinces we will succeed to achieve maximum target.

He also said that all provinces complete their wheat sowing targets on time. Delay in sowing causes decrease in production. He said weather and agriculture are related with each other. During this rabi season rain and snow falls are expected more which will meet our water requirement for agriculture.

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