Energy future lies in biomass promotion

STAFF REPORT IBD: The persistent energy crisis is crippling the national economy as majority of small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) have difficulties in accessing modern energy services due to the frequent electricity supply interruption in the country. Therefore, UNIDOs Biomass Project seeks to address the energy crisis and run the SMEs especially in rural areas.

These views were expressed at the recently held Inception Workshop of the UNIDO/GEF Project “Promoting Sustainable Energy Production and Use from Biomass in Pakistan”.

The 1.82 million dollars project with additional 5.30 million dollars as co-finance will be implemented in Kamoke, Jhelum, and Thatta for demonstration projects of 4.3 MW from biomass gasification technology and is funded by the Global Environmental Facility.

The project is implemented in partnership with the Centre for Energy Systems -NUST, PPAF, SMEDA, private sector and Provincial Energy Departments. Aim of the project is to promote market based adoption of modern biomass gasification technologies in Pakistan, said an official.

The Biomass project is designed to promote the development of modern biomass energy technologies for electricity generation for rural areas and for process heat applications in SME clusters in remote areas. The project will mainly focus on the use of organic waste as feedstock, especially agricultural waste and some wood waste.

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